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ISOW7842: ISO7842: ATEX Certification

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Part Number: ISOW7842

Could you please advise about ATEX certification of the ISOW7842F? This component is used in truck mobile fuel level sensors. The sertification of this devices upon to ATEX is mandatory and It is more easely to get it if the electronic components have an ATEX.

Have you planing to certificate ISOW784x with ATEX?

Thank you.

  • Hi Igor,

    Welcome to TI E2E Forum and thank you for showing interest in ISOW7842.

    Unfortunately, ISOW7842 is not ATEX certified and currently we do not have a plan to certify this product either. If you are looking at using an isolator for intrinsic safety application, I would recommend you to use ISO7041 instead. ISO7041 is currently going through ATEX certification and will complete the certification soon. Let me know if you have any other questions, thank you.

    Koteshwar Rao