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ISO1042: ISO1042 replace the TJF1052

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Part Number: ISO1042

I used the TJF1052i in my servo project,

I found the ISO1042, ISO1050 is Pin to Pin  TJF1052,

can the ISO1042 or ISO1050 replace the TJF1052,

Are there any other cost-effective solutions to recommend? thx

  • Hi Jack,

    Thank you for your post! Yes, the ISO1042 can replace TJF1052 without the standby function. In several terms, including bus withstand voltage and isolation working voltage, the ISO1042 will also provide a more robust CAN solution. An alternative could be to use a CAN transceiver with a digital isolator, but two devices may not be as cost or layout-effective as one.

    Please let us know if you have additional questions for follow up.


    Manuel Chavez

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    Hi Jack, 

    Just to add to Manuel's answer here, ISO1042 does not have the standby functionality, but actually consumes less power in recessive than TJF1052 does in standby. For the same voltage, the current consumed on side 1 and side 2 of the device is lower for ISO1042.

    Here's a similar thread where I discussed the the benefits the ISO1042 has over the TJA1052i, which looks like a similar device to the TFA1052i (I think the only difference is the maximum temperature, but I am not an expert on NXP's parts). 


    The 16 pin versions of both the TFA1052i and the ISO1042 have very similar pinouts that you can certainly make work for both devices. I would also point out that ISO1042 comes in a 8 pin DWV package that is much smaller. So if saving some board space would save you some money, than the ISO1042DWV might be a more cost effective solution. 

    Best regards, 


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    got it, thx