ISO3086: Output ripple at low temperature

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Part Number: ISO3086

Hi Team,

Please cooperate in investigating the cause.

Although the input waveform is constant, output ripple occurs at lower temperatures.

The ripple is almost invisible at room temperature, but the output ripple increases at -5℃ → -10℃ → -20℃.

Let me know what causes.

Best Regards,


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  • Kenji,

    I'm sorry to hear about this problem however I will need much more information to be able to help. What do you man by output ripple? Are you referring to something on the bus lines? Would you be able to provide scope shots of this ripple? Can you provide a schematic? I need to know if there are any external components on the bus lines.


    Lucas Schulte

  • In reply to Lucas Schulte9:

    Hi Lucas,
    Thank you for your reply.
    But this problem is happening to my customers.

    I have waveform information, but if you provide it, let me use a private message.

    The input is 3V, the output is about 4V, and the ripple at -20℃ is about 1V.
    Best Regards,
  • In reply to Kenji Ohno1:


    Yes you can send me the waveforms to my email and we can continue the discussion with email as well. However, I will still need answers to my other questions. Also I will need know what you mean by input and output for this device. 


    Lucas Schulte