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SN6501: Asking for the SN6505 design

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Part Number: SN6501

HI Team,
Cusotmer design with USB VBUS and found there is noise from the 60Hz power supply. we provide SN6505 EVM for customer evaluation. SN6505 does eliminate the noise while customer were testing with some external audio equipment. However, SN6505 cannot eliminate the 60Hz noise while the equipment only connected with a wall adaptor. Thus, SN6505 can only fix the ground loop issue when testing with external equipment, but cannot improve PSRR though.

Could you please provide your comment for this?


  • Hi SHH,

    Thank you for your post! The SN6505 may not be able to reduce 60Hz noise on the non-isolated supply side, but it's possible we can add a filter on the isolated power supply output.

    Where in the schematic is the 60Hz noise present? Can you share images of the noise at input and output sides of the SN650x system? Please do also share an image of the schematic with indications of the noise presence throughout.

    If the files and images I've requested are proprietary, let me know to send you a Request to Connect and we can continue discussions via Personal Messages.

    Thank you for your time,
    Manuel Chavez

  • In reply to Manuel Chavez:

    Hi SHH,

    Has a solution to the 60Hz noise been found? If not, using an LDO on either the SN6505 input or isolated voltage output can help reduce low frequency noise.

    Please feel free to share a simplified block diagram and an update at your earliest convenience, otherwise this thread will be closed due to inactivity.

    Thank you for your time,
    Manuel Chavez