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ISO1042: Eye diagram

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Part Number: ISO1042

Hi team

Do we have eye diagram of ISO1042 and ISO1050 at 1Mbps.


Duoduo Cheng

  • Hi Duoduo, 

    I don't have an eye diagram, but typical waveforms for ISO1050 and ISO1042 can be found in the ISO1050 EVM User Guide and the ISO1042 EVM User Guide. 

    Here is ISO1050 at 1Mbps:

    Here is ISO1042 at 5Mbps:

    Both of these measurements were done on their respective EVM which has small traces and termination resistance. The waveforms would look different if there were long cables attached and other nodes on the network. 

    Does this help? Is there a particular reason you need an eye diagram?

    Best regards, 


  • In reply to Dan Kisling:

    Hi Dan

    Customer wants to use eye diagram to check the performance of  signal on the BUS.


    Duoduo Cheng

  • In reply to Duoduo Cheng:

    Hi Duoduo, 

    The eye diagram will heavily depend on how the bus is constructed (number of nodes, length of cable, length of stubs, location of termination resistors, etc.). As you can see from the waveforms in my post above, the output of both devices are rather clean. 

    I have tested the ISO1042 on a network with 6 nodes and 30m of cable and it was able to run at 5Mbps error free for several days. You can learn more about this demo here: https://training.ti.com/interoperability-isolated-can-fd-nodes

    Best regards,