ISO1450: give us the estimated Pd with specific condition

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Part Number: ISO1450

hi, team

please tell us how much Pd is with below specific condition.

Vcc1=3.3  Vcc2=5v, Tj=125℃ frequency = 50Mhz for ISO1450


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  • Hi TakahashI-san,

    The team is out this week due to the Thanksgiving holiday , please expect a follow-up from us early next week , by Tuesday. From a supply and temperature perspective, the guidance you highlighted in the data sheet already covers the worst case, and we can interpolate it linearly for frequency. But anyway, we’ll try to give a better guidance next week.  thanks for your patience.

    Best regards, Abhi

  • In reply to Abhi Aarey:


    i'll wait for it


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  • In reply to Masaharu Takahashi:


    The "Supply Current Characteristics" sections of the datasheet have some good data for the situation you have asked about.

    Generally, the max current rating will be the current drawn at max temperature. Calculating the dissipated power (Pd) for sides yield the results below.

    Pd1 = 0.0078A x 3.3V  = 0.0257W

    Pd2 = 0.162A x 5V = 0.81W

    Pd(total) = Pd1 + Pd2 = 0.836W or 836mW