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SN6501: Inquire transformer design guide line or design tool

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Part Number: SN6501

Hi Sir,

May I learn from you if we have SN6501 transformer design guide line or design tool can reference?

Thank you for your kindly help.

Edward Chen

  • Hi Edward,

    Thank you for posting to E2E! The most comprehensive guide to designing with SN6501 or SN6505A/SN6505B we currently have is located in Typical Application sections of their respective datasheets (Section 9.2). I've written a summary below. Please feel free to respond with any questions.

    1. A recommended approach to starting design of an SN650x system is to determine the desired output first: output voltage, load current, and whether the output will be regulated with an LDO
    2. If an LDO is used, it should be selected to output the required load current, noting the max Dropout Voltage spec at desired voltage output, V_do.
    3. From there, select Schottky diodes with forward current ratings > than the load current, and reverse voltage ratings >2x the transformer output voltage:
      (Vin + 10%) * transformer turns ratio. Note the diodes' forward voltage drop, V_f.
    4. If the end product will be used in ambient temperatures >85dC, ensure the Schottky diodes' reverse current is <100uA across the necessary operating temperatures to help keep magnetic fields in the transformer balanced. A part number we typically recommend for high temperature applications is RB168MM-40TF
    5. Finally, the transformer should be selected to have sufficient turns ratio and V-t product to successfully transfer power per equations (3) and (10) in the SN6501 datasheet. A table of recommended transformers can be found in Section

    I hope this is helpful! Feel free to let me know if there is more insight we can provide.

    Thank you,
    Manuel Chavez