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Power Protection Schematic review [TPS26630]

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We're developing an IOT Gateway using some design references from TI. For the Input power Supply, i'd like to know if our schematics is reliable and the best practices are being applied

  • Hello Guilherme

    I checked the schematic. I do not see any obivious issues with this. Few comments in general

    1. For ILIM current setting, if you are expecting TPS2663 output load to be ON during device start up then you should select ILIM value as (I-Inrush + ILOAD). I-Inrush value can be calculated from inrush current equation given in datasheet

    2. You can have placeholder for 1uF capacitor close to input pins (After Q1 mosfet drain connection). Please refer to TPS2663-166EVM schematic for more details.

    Thanks & Regards