Digital Input and Output Isolation [ISO7741] [ISO7421][SN65HVS885][DRV8804]

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we're developing an IOT Gateway using some design references from TI. For the input and output protection and  isolation, i'd like to know if our schematics is reliable and the best practices are being applied.


Schematic Input and Output Isolation for Review 2.pdf

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  • Guilherme,

    Thanks for using e2e! Please allow us some time to review this. This schematic has multiple TI devices and includes other devices besides digital isolators. Have you posted this schematic in the Motor Drives  and Interface forums as well to get feedback for the DRV8804 and SN65HVS885 portions of the schematic? Also, is there any particular reason to use the ISO7421 rather than the ISO7741 for the 2-channel digital isolator?