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ISO1541: Can this part be powered from a logic gate?

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Part Number: ISO1541

Hello, I see from the datasheet that this part uses max 4mA at 3.3V. So can this be powered from an LVC series logic gate, like a little inverter like a SN74LVC1G04 (rated at 32mA) or something similar? Or does it have higher current peaks that would require a load switch?

Also, same question for ISO7041 - since current consumption is less than 1mA can this part be powered by a logic gate, since it too has such small current?

Finally, since isolators in general can have a lot of EMI, what steps should be taken to ensure that emissions are minimized?




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  • Hi Derek,

    Thank you for posting to E2E!

    A logic gate like SN74LVC1G04 could power an ISO1541 or ISO7041 with brief demands in current supplied by by the devices' 0.1uF decoupling capacitors on each Vccx pin, however this logic gate will likely not be able to also power the supply line of an I2C bus. Could you share a schematic of the system you have in mind?

    Digital isolators alone are not typically a notable source of EMI. Concerns for emissions mostly center around isolated power supplies, which can be mitigated differently based on each isolated power supply solution. Has the SN6501, SN6505A, or SN6505B been considered to generate this system's isolated power? If not, what is being used?

    Manuel Chavez