ISO1410: ISO1410BDW overheating

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I'm using ISO1410BDW in a custom design based on "ISO1410DW evaluation module". The Integrated circuit become to heat near to 50 Celsius degree, The R4 is connected and the DNI components are no connected except the TVS in A and B terminals. 

The transmit speed is 10kHz.

Is this a normal functional temperature?. 

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  • Hi Abraham,

    Thank you for posting to E2E!

    What are voltage levels for both power supplies? Can you also clarify the ambient temperature and whether the ISO1410 temperature rises to 50dC or 50dC above the ambient temperature?

    I apologize for the confusion on my part. Please expect our follow up response during normal business hours M-F.

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    Manuel Chavez

  • In reply to Manuel Chavez:


    We need to know a bit more information here.

    What is the ambient temperature?

    How are you measuring temperature? i.e. FLIR camera or temperature probe on the IC case

    Is the EVM transmitting over a cable or network? The cable/network properties directly affect how much current the device consumes and therefore how much heating occurs. 

    Are you able to measure Icc1 and Icc2?

    Essentially the process here is to calculate how many watts the device is dissipating based on the product of Vcc1/Vcc2 and Icc1/Icc2. One then uses that number to calculate the temperature rise over ambient temperature using the thermal information from the datasheet. If you measured temperature with a temperature probe on the case, then use the R(theta J C) of 27.7C/W to calculate the temperature rise over ambient.