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ISO1050: Inquire high speed CAN communication ERROR issue during 1MHz

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Part Number: ISO1050

Hi Sir,

We facing the CAN communication ERROR during 1MHz, but it can work properly during 500kHz.

1. May I know if you have any experience for this kind of issue?

2. Can you kindly share high speed CAN layout guideline for our reference?

Thank you, please feel free to contact me via mail if you have any concern.


  • Edward,

    The ISO1050 is only capable of a data rate of 1Mbps not 1MHz. A 500kHz square wave at 50% duty cycle is equivalent to an alternating 1Mbps digital signal. For multiple reasons including increased speeds, we recommend the ISO1042 if at all possible. 



  • In reply to Lucas Schulte9:

    Hi Lucas,

    One more question, does ISO1042 can support CAN communication maximum data rate to 5Mbps?

    May I know the different between classic CAN and CAN FD?

    Thank you.


  • In reply to user4773172:


    Yes the ISO1042 can handle data rates up to 5Mbps as depicted on the product page.

    CAN FD (Flexible Datarate) in an improvement on the classic CAN protocol that enables higher speeds.This is explained in the precision labs video below.