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SN6501-Q1: VCC 3.3V and Transformer 5V supply

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Part Number: SN6501-Q1

Hi team,

My customer wants to use SN6501 with VCC=3.3V and supply 5V for mid point of transformer. SN6501 will has lower frequency at 3.3V VCC condition.

Can they use like this?



  • Hi Michael,

    Thank you for posting to E2E!

    This system is expected to operate with SN6501 connected to Vcc = 3.3V and the transformer center-tap connected to 5V with the following notes to consider about performance in this configuration:

    • As you mentioned, the switching frequency frequency for SN6501 is lower at 3.3V operation than 5V operation (360kHz typ. vs. 410kHz typ.)
    • SN6501's current-sinking capability at Vcc = 3V is also lower than at Vcc = 5V (150mA vs. 350mA)
    • Switching losses will be slightly higher due to higher Rds_on
    • The transformer will require a V-t product >11V-us to account for the higher center-tap voltage and slower switching frequency

    Please let us know if there are additional concerns or questions.

    Manuel Chavez