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SN6505A: 12V/12V isolation power

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Part Number: SN6505A

My customer is surveying one DC/DC isolation. Here is a requirement.

  1. Vin range = 9~15Vdc+
  2. Power IC can output isolation Vout = 12Vdc/0.2~0.5A
  3. Isolation > 1kV

Based on above, we found the suitable one is SN6505A. But this solution need one additional push-pull driver.

Do we have another recommendation for customers? 

  • Hi Beginner,

    Thank you for posting to E2E! SN6505A and SN6505B devices can be used to isolate 9V-15V power supplies along with a commonly available transformer to proide the >1kV isolation.

    SN6505 is limited to operate with 5V input power, so for compatibility with higher voltages, please recommend our customer use a topology like the one below:

    This allows for the isolated input supply to be isolated directly and the SN6505 to be powered by an appropriate voltage level. For compatibility, we do recommend using the SN6505B instead of SN6505A so that a wider range of commonly available transformers, like those recommended in our datasheets, can be used.

    Is this a solution our customer can implement? Please let us know.

    Manuel Chavez