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ISO7742: ISO7742 used for GPIO isolation

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Part Number: ISO7742

Dear team,

Customer want to use ISO7742 for signal isolation. But they are not sure if the current of ISO7742 is big enough to driver other signals. As datasheet shows may smaller than 10mA. So for some application need bigger current driven, do they need to add some other signal driver IC?


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  • The outputs are designed for ±4 mA at 5 V. If you try to draw larger currents (up to the absolute maximum rating of 15 mA), the voltage drop might become very large.

    To be able to drive larger loads, you indeed should add a stronger buffer (e.g., SN74LVC2G34).

  • Hi Sammi,

    Most digital devices have either CMOS or TTL inputs which usually consume a few µA which is also the case with TI isolator inputs. If you are connecting ISO7742 to a digital device like MCU, then you should not have any problems in driving them. The recommended maximum output current of ISO7742 from each output channel is ±4mA and is good enough to interface to other digital devices.

    May I know what device is ISO7742 being interfaced to? How much input current does that device require?

    Koteshwar Rao