shift registers --- binary counting

hi I am using a PIC 16F819  and to save input/output pins i am feeding binary count information serially into a  74HC 595 shift register which I then read out  in parallel.

This all works fine --no problems ----however because the register size in the PIC is only 8 its I cannot count higher than 255 !!   and i need to count higher in binary than this .

I have seen articles where several shift registers are used in series with information being fed through from one to another ---but  try as I might  i cannot get this to count in binary  properly..

Information on the internet is usually derived from programs written in C and unfortunately I only understand  ASSEMBLY language and it would take me too  long to try to acquire cometency in C or a higher language.  so far  I have managed well using assembly language.

I have tried to use more than one  8 bit register to use for the binary counting --this can work OK for numbers larger than 255 for internal program use in the PIC  but doesnt seem to feed through serially into the shift registers.

If anyone can help me  with this----- in ASSEMBLY language I would be  so very grateful.

Many thanks for your time in reading this .

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