Negative rail output buffer


I am currently trying to design a circuit with TTL level input (controllable by micro controller) controlling a buffer which can allow negative rail output (up to N8V) and gnd. I tried simple buffer but instantly blew (as expected). Even tried opamp and a transistor switch type circuit even that blew. I even tried searching the product list with no luck for some IC which can directly pass negative rail by some controlling method.

I even tried using power on-off pin on negative voltage supply IC and even negative rail LDO, but  i need this circuit to work at 10Mhz.

What I wanted to know is there any way I can pass negative rail through a buffer or any other circuit and make it work that fast.

Also is there any way other to get this done?

Thanks Regards

Raquib Akolawala

PS:: I don't know if i have put this in the correct forum. sorry in advance.

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