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TXB0102: TXB0102 Driving into another TXB0102

Part Number: TXB0102

Can the TXB0102 drive another TXB0102?  I ask the question because we had an issue with the TXB0108 driving another TXB0108 and the response from TI was that the TXB0108 could not provide enough current to drive another TXB0108.  I can attach the email response we received if that would help.



  • Hi Dax,

    So the logic families share similar qualities. Here is an FAQ that compares the metrics between the auto direction sensing translation.
    From this you can see that families share many qualities, which does mean that auto direction sensing translation will not work for your application.
    If you want to share what you are attempting to do, I might be able to help select a part or give ideas for a solution.