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SN74GTL1655: Dual side translation

Part Number: SN74GTL1655

Hi team,

I read datasheet of SN74GTL1655, and found A port & B port can both be active when OEAB/ & OEBA/ are both low.

Does it mean that it supports auto-direction translation between two sides?

Thank you!

  • Hi Luke,
    No, the device cannot support auto-bidirectional translation. For that, please see our TXB, TXS, or LSF line of devices located here: www.ti.com/.../products.html

    An output being 'Active' means that it is driving the line. If another device tries to also drive the line, this is called 'bus contention' and will likely damage one or both devices.

    Auto-bidirectional devices accomplish this feat by having either (1) no drive strength (LSF and TXS devices), or (2) very low drive strength (TXB devices) so that they can be overdriven.

    Looking for a low voltage translator? Check out the AXC family that supports 0.7V to 3.3V translation!

    The Logic Minute training page has videos on many interesting topics that all are kept shorter than 5 minutes.