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SN74LVC1G74: SN74LVC1G74 application questions check

Part Number: SN74LVC1G74

Hi Team,

My customer is using our SN74LVC1G74 and now they have two questions want to know, would you pls help on this, thanks!

Customer want to know when PRE, CLR and CLK are all high level(continues high voltage on these pins), then what should the working status of SN74LVC1G74? Or what's Q and /Q should be? Will SN74LVC1G74 be working in undetermined status?

The second question: In our datasheet, the "Input transition rise or fall rate" have maxim value, showed as below:

So the question is if the Input transition rise or fall rate can't meet above specific(Very slow slop), then what will happen?

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