SN74AVC8T245: Differential clock signal from 3.3V LVDS to 1.8V LVDS

Part Number: SN74AVC8T245

Is there an LVDS alternative to the sn74avc8t245?

I have a differential clock signal from an FPGA at 3.3 V and my ADC (ADC16dv160) needs a differential 1.8 V clock signal. 

Alternatly can I use a Semiconductor to take a single 3.3 V clock signal and convert it to a 1.8 V differential signal?

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  • Hello Michelle,

    The LVDS parts are not under Standard Logic, I have directed this post to the correct group.

  • In reply to Karan Kotadia:

    Hello Michelle,

    There isn't an LVDS equivalent for SN74AVC8T245 that I am aware of. However, there may be a solution that will satisfy your requirements. So, I want to make I understand the requirements. It seems AC-coupling is used/recommended on the clock input to the ADC, and the ADC sets its own common mode to 0.9V. So, the requirement is mainly the voltage swing (differential peak-to-peak voltage). I am not clear on the required voltage swing is it 1.8V or 2.8V as mentioned in the "Input Clock Amplitude" parameter mentioned on page 8 of the ADC16DV160 datasheet?