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SN74LVC374A-Q1: ESD Rating

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Part Number: SN74LVC374A-Q1

Hi Sirs,

Sorry to bother you.

Could you help provide CLVC374AQPWRG4Q1 ESD CDM value for us?


  • Hi,

    I have forwarded your request to our Quality Engineers to see if they can help find this value for me.



  • In reply to Karan Kotadia:

    Hi Shu-cheng,

    We are still looking into this for you so please bear with us as it takes some time to acquire the data.

    Check out our new AXC family of Voltage Translators! 

    Watch the Introduction to AXC Family to find out more about the family.

  • In reply to Dylan Hubbard:


    I found the ESD data for you.

    ESD-HBM : 4kV
    ESD-MM: 250V
    ESD-CDM: 1500V