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SN74AXC4T774: Powering Down Device vs Disabling Output

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Part Number: SN74AXC4T774


I want to be able to switch from using the pins on this device as IO and Hi-Z. When I put the pins in H-Z using OE will the pins behave any different than powering down the device?

In other words if I can power down the device would signals to the device see the same impedance as putting the pins into Hi-Z using OE?



  • The Ioff and IOZ specifications are exactly the same.

  • In reply to Clemens Ladisch:

    Hi Vibhu,

    Thanks Clemens for helping out!

    As Clemens has said, both the specs of high impedance are the same when the outputs are disabled vs when the supply is at 0V. 

    The inputs are always in High Impedance but disabling the device with the OE pin will make the outputs high impedance as well.