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[FAQ] [List] Logic Device Functionality Questions

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Not all of these questions have been posted on E2E yet - we are working on getting to every one as soon as we can!  We will link each question as it becomes available.

  1. Common Applications of Logic
    1. How do I combine power good signals to hold a controller in reset?
    2. How do I enable/disable a digital signal?
    3. How can I reduce the number of inputs required to monitor error signals?
    4. How can I eliminate slow or noisy digital input signals? 
    5. How can I hold a digital signal in its previous state while my controller resets?
    6. How can I generate a reset signal when my system powers on?
    7. How can I synchronize devices that have inverted clock inputs?
  2. Monostable Multivibrators (One-shots, MMVs)
    1. How do you determine the output pulse width and the 'K' value?
    2. Can I connect the Cext pin to ground?
    3. How do I configure the SN74LVC1G123 intputs for rising/falling edge triggering?
    4. How stable is the output pulse length across temperature?
    5. How stable is the output pulse length across changes in VCC?
    6. What is the maximum output pulse length?
    7. Which inputs of the SN74LVC1G123 have Schmitt triggers?
    8. What are some applications that use monostable multivibrators?

Looking for a low voltage translator? Check out the AXC family that supports 0.7V to 3.3V translation!

The Logic Minute training page has videos on many interesting topics that all are kept shorter than 5 minutes.