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SN74AVC4T234: Ultra Librarian Ball position(A1) vs DataSheet Page1(A1)

Part Number: SN74AVC4T234

Hello Team,

   My customer would like to confirm A1(BALL) position of "SN74AVC4T234_ZSU_11"

There is the inconsistency in A1 position between Ultra librarian PatternView vs DataSheet .
(please see below fig1,2)
SymbolView vs DataSheet TerminalFunction Table looks correct. ( plese see below fig 3,4)
Ultra librarian PatternVew may be wrong.
*** BTW, be carefull A1(BALL) = A4(Signal),  A7(BALL) = A1(Signal) ***

Customer said  the PCB he made based on Ultra Librian Data  not works properly.

Would you confirm and advice me.
Thank you very much,
matsuro/TIj CSC

-------- begin snapshot(fig 1,2,3,4)
---- Ultra Librarian PatternView: ZSU11 file: SN74AVC4T234_ZSU_11.bxl

DataSheet Page1 Ball Position;

---- SymbolView: SN74AVC4T234_ZSU_11 file:SN74AVC4T234_ZSU_11.bxl

DataSheet Page2 Signal vs Ball

-------- end.

  • Hello,

    I looked at previous versions of the datasheet to see if there was error with the markings but it seems like this is the correct layout. We have not had another customer complain about the pin assignment being incorrect in the datasheet. I do not have the ultra librarian but my guess is that the data in that tool must be wrong.

  • In reply to Karan Kotadia:

    Hello Karen,

       Thank you very much for your attention.

       I understood the DataSheet is correct.
    Meanwhile for the correction of Ultra Librarian Data,
    I hope team to withdraw the "SN74AVC4T234_ZSU_11.bxl" from HP
    so that customer do not use wrong data.

    Best Regards,
    matsuro/TIj CSC