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SN74HC595: fclock at Vcc=3.3V

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Part Number: SN74HC595


There is timing requirement for clock frequency of SN74HC595 and SN54HC595 as follows.

My customer want to have maximum specification at Vcc=3.3V for both SN54HC595 and SN74HC595 devices.

Do you have information you can share to the customer?


  • Hello,

    It is fine to use linear interpolation on the given values in the datasheet to approximate your values for 3.3 V. 

    See this FAQ for more details on that. 



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    In reply to Gabriel Lake1:

    Hi Gabriel

    Thank you for your reply.

    According to formula provided in FAQ link, I got following estimation.

    54HC595 -> 10.96 MHz

    74HC595 -> 12.8 MHz