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SN74LVC8T245: Is there any internal pull up resistor on the outputs?

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Part Number: SN74LVC8T245


We want to drive a device that has an internal pull down resistor of 4.7k and we are concerned if the SN74LVC8T245 could have any internal pullup resistor that could create a voltage divider so low that could not pass the device threshold 

For instance , from the datasheet, we know that the TXS0108EPWR has an internal pullup resistor of 4k that puts our voltage output at 2.7V

Does this device have a similar pullup resistor? 

Thank you in advance


  • Hi,

    The SN74LVC8T245 does not have internal pullups. The TXS devices have weak output drivers so they have internal pullups to improve rise and fall times. Since the LVC devices are not auto-bidirectional, they can have strong output drivers.

    I will also recommend using the SN74AXC8T245 if you are not using the full supply range of 5V.