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CD40174B: HBM

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Can you please share HBM data for the following parts?


Thank you

  • Hi,

    I only found the following ESD values on a first round quick search. I will check to see if we have data on the other parts. Some of the CD parts are really old so we might not have the ESD data on them.

    CD4040BPWR : 2kV HBM

    SN74HC21QPWRG4Q1: 2kV HBM



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    CD4017BE : 2kV HBM

    CD74HC4017QM96: 1kV HBM

    SN74LVC1G99DCU-Q1: 2kV HBM

    I did not have any data on the CD74HC4059 in the system.



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    Thanks a lot, Karan! 
    One more question though. I've noticed that CD74HC4059 and CD74HC4017QM96 are both "CD74HC40"
    I'm not certain, but if they're using the same ESD protection in the die, then does it follow that both HBM ratings for these devices are 1kV?

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    Hi Elisha,

    FYI - if you post the same question to multiple systems (email, customer support, E2E), all of them will come back to my team eventually. E2E is the most direct method to reach us, and will avoid involving additional resources at TI unnecessarily.

    It seems that your question was resolved, then you had an additional question regarding the one part that Karan couldn't get an ESD value for. You can use the "Ask a related question" button in the top right corner of the E2E thread page to create a new issue to get our attention. We will always respond within 24 hours to a new E2E post, and typically we will respond in under 6 hours.

    FYI, saying "thanks" is nice and appreciated, but marking threads as resolved (green button) is the appropriate way to respond on the forums when you get the answer you're looking for. This helps future customers who are looking for the same information to find their answers quickly.

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    I have searched everywhere and even looked at the different parts in the CD74HC family to see if I could find one that was similar and had ESD data but could not find anything. 

    I cannot even guarantee any value as there is an assortment of ESD values for all the parts.