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SN74LVC1GU04: HSPICE simulation license error saying "TI" feature doesn't exist.

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Part Number: SN74LVC1GU04


   I'm attempting to run a simple HSPICE simulation with this part, but can't checkout a "TI" feature on my license. It's the first time i see such an error. I read somewhere it's because the model is Level 37 and it needs TI to inform Synopsys to provide an encryption patch to me? Please advice. Thanks.

  • Hi Wai,

    You are correct, I will need to inform Synopsys to allow them provide you with the patch. I will need to take this question offline. Please email me at k-kotadia@ ti.com with the following information.

    • Company name

    • Company address

    • Contact name

    • Contact e-mail

    • Host id of licenses server

    I have been told that this typically takes 2 business days from Synopsys’s end to approve for their customer.