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SN74LVC1T45-Q1: Port state for specific condition

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Part Number: SN74LVC1T45-Q1

could you tell me what the Aport/Bport states are in below condition?

1. Either VCCA or VCCB is below 1.65V and other side is above 1.65V

2. VCCA=VCCB=GND, DIR=X(dont care)

3. VCCA=GND, VCCB=1.65V~5.5V, DIR=X(dont care)

  • Hi,

    The simple answer is "the VCC isolation feature assures that if either VCC input is at GND, then both ports are in the high-impedance state."

    1. Both I/O are active. Since one VCC is below 1.65 proper operation will not be guaranteed.

    2. Ports are in Hi-Z.

    3. Ports are in Hi-Z.