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SN74LVC8T245: Whether SN74LVC8T245 passes the UL certification

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Part Number: SN74LVC8T245

Hi Team,

May I ask whether SN74LVC8T245 passes the UL certification? If yes, could you offer the UL number or some UL statement?


  • What kind of UL certification? This device is not an isolator, so I am not aware of any certification that would be applicable.

  • In reply to Clemens Ladisch:

    Hi Clemens,

    UL standard is as following:


    Customer said that their product's key device need to pass it.


  • In reply to Amelie Zheng:

    All those standards apply to finished products, not to individual components.

    There are products where the safety relies on key components, such as transformers or isolators. In those cases, UL defines separate certifications that are helpful to determine whether these components can be used for such a product. For example, UL 1577 (Standard for Optical Isolators) states:

    1.5 These requirements apply to optical isolators for use as components in devices and appliances. Compliance of an optical isolator with these requirements does not indicate that the isolator is acceptable for use as a component of an end product without further investigation.

    In other words, UL certification of an isolator might be necessary, but is not sufficient to make the finished product safe; that always requires a separate certification.

    For simple logic devices like the SN74LVC8T245, certification does not make sense because they do not have a key property that would directly affect the safety if the finished product.