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TXS0102: TXS0102DCUR

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Part Number: TXS0102


In my design, a CPU at 3.3V logic connects to TXS0102DCUR level translator and a peripheral at 1.8V logic. This is a working design by a third party evaluation board so I would like to retain it. The interface can either be I2C or MDC/MDIO and configurable.  

I also have an ARM processor connecting to TCA9546APWR and I want to connect one of the MUX outputs to the same peripheral above. And the interface is going to be strapped to I2C. When the TXS0102DCUR is enabled the ARM won't access the device but the CPU will. When the ARM wants to access the device, TXS0102DCUR will be turned off. Do you see a problem?

 Or do I need to insert a device such as TCA9517ADGKR between the bus switch and the device in order to turn it off?