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SN74AHCT32: Missing Thermal Information

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Part Number: SN74AHCT32

The datasheet is missing the thermal information for the SN54AHCT32 version of the chip using the FK drawing. Can someone provide me with the information for section 7.4 Thermal Information for this package type or where I can find this?

  • Hi Edward,

    We currently have no thermal data available for that package. I've went ahead and submitted a request for this information and will get back to you in 3 weeks with the information.

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread to ensure there are no duplicate threads like this one.


    Chad Crosby

  • In reply to Chad Crosby:

    Hi Edward,

    I've received the information back:

    Result- Theta JA-High K (standard datasheet value):


    Result-Theta JC, top (standard datasheet value):


    Result-Theta JB (standard datasheet value):


    Result- Psi JT (standard datasheet value):


    Result- Psi JB (standard datasheet value):


    Result-Theta JC, bottom (standard datasheet value):



    Chad Crosby