I am a student and I have just started working with the example of AP as data hub for cc2500 and I have the ez430RF kit.

I am trying to develope a solution to control some digital lamps. In those lamps it has been implemented a protocol, which is working, in which they wait for a 5 bits value. This value represents the intensity of the ilumination from 0 to 31.

I have started with AP as data hub because the control of the lamps will be done by a PC application (in labview). The application will communicate with the AP, which is connected by USB to the PC. From the PC Software the AP will receive and ID and a Value of ilumination and it will broadcast that message. In the EDs the ID will be read and if it matches, the information of the value of intensity will be given to the lamp.

I have been working with the example code of AP Data hub, but in this code the communication is between the EDs to the AP and I need from the AP to the ED. Can anybody help me, because I cannot get a correct communication