Motor Control with F28M35


I would like to find a example to use the F28M35 to control a sensorless blower...How to migrate between F28335 and the Concerto...

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  • Hi Laurent,

    VisSim supports both F28335 and F28M35. You just change the CPU target drop down in the CPU config and the ADC triggering config (Piccolo ADC unit is way nicer than Delfino, but more complicated) to move from one CPU to the other. The F28M35 is essentially an ARM Cortex M3 stitched to a 150 Mhz Piccolo. In our standard trial download you will find an example diagram for sensorless PMSM motor control that works with the TI DRV8312 dev kit. Look under Embedded > Examples > Digital Motor Control > PMSM > DRV8312EVM-PMSM-F28M35H52 . You will find two diagrams, one with a "-d" suffix and one without. The one without the suffix is the source code. It contains 100% of the graphical blocks to spin the motor. You compile that one and the "-d" (Debug) diagram will download the .out file (using XDS100 or any other JTAG) and communicate with your controller while it runs.

     VisSim fully supports the C28x side of Concerto with ARM Cortex M3 support in the works. You can develop your C28x application as if it was a standalone C28 Piccolo part (running at 150 Mhz). You can access both ADC units as well as GPIO, ADC, PWM, QEP, CAP, SPI, I2C, serial etc.

    We support the dual port memory windows for inter-processor communication, and we have the ability to create a custom web server with multiple pages and graphics on the ARM side. You can learn more and download a free 2-month trial here: