Programming RAM on Concerto

I am trying to program the Concerto control card through serial port using hte LM Flash programmer.  I use Code Composer Studio to build the .bin file as described in the user note and then transfer it using the LM Flash program.  it says that it is programming it but once it is done it does not execute the code.  Right now I am trying to program it with the simple blinky demo program just to see if this works. 

I am using 0x20005000 as the starting address and have changed the command file so that only RAM after this address is used for the program but it still doesn't seem to work.  The program works as expected when I run it using the JTAG debugger.  Are

I am attaching a zip file with my .bin and .map files.




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    I looked at the map fle you provided, it shows that you have intvecs section loaded at 0x20005000, not the application entry point function. Your ResetIsr routine is the one that must be placed at this location for device to start the applicaiton properly.

    Please edit your default linker command file to put ResetISR function starting at 0x20005000., the line in your linker command file should be as below.

        RESETISR (RWX)   : origin = 0x20004FF8, length = 0x0008

     change the above to

        RESETISR (RWX)   : origin = 0x20005000, length = 0x0008

    Please make sure you move the default INTVECTS location to another 512 byte boundary address sot hat you won't get a linker error. Once you do that change, your application will be able to boot properly.

    Please let us know if you have any more questions.

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    Thank you for the quick reply.  That was indeed my problem and it is working fine now.