C2000 piccolo launchpad - problem building


I recently installed the c2000 launchpad and managed to compile and debug the demo program (CCS V5_2).

So far, so good.

Then I tried to create my first program (just blinking an led) and found some issues :

I added the launchpad folder under controlsuite as include path for the compiler and as search path for the linker, that way I managed to have the incldues resolved (clk.h etc).

Now, if I hit "build" the compiler seems to do it's job without complaining, tried to add an error to the code and it is correctly displayed as error.

However I get a variable number of linker errors such as 

unresolved symbol _CLK_init, first referenced in ./main.obj led2 C/C++ 

I assume that symbol should be defined somewhere in "C:\ti\controlSUITE\development_kits\C2000_LaunchPad\f2802x_common\lib" which I added in the linker search path, am I wrong?.

Also, if I check the run/debug settings -> launch configuration  I get this error related to the "program" tab :

Specified Program ( Texas Instruments XDS100v1 USB Emulator/C28xx )  does not exist

What does this mean?

I am a bit lost, suggestions are welcome :)