Help me on MSGID and LAM of ecan ple,emergency,waiting...

Quetion 1:IN pru074-P62 said:When AMI = 1:....,For HECC mode(ECanaShadow.CANMC.bit.SCB = 1),did the "AMI" refer to LAM[n].LAMI?

 For example,There are two notes:
 note A:Configure eCAN for HECC mode(ECanaShadow.CANMC.bit.SCB = 1).Mailboxes0 as Rx. MSGID and LAM are set as bellow:

//IDE=1."don't care,The bit overwritten by transmitted message;AME=1,acceptance mask is used;AAM=0,"don't care" for receive

//box; ID=0
   ECanaMboxes.MBOX0.MSGID.all = 0xC0000000; 
/*LAMI=1 .  29_bit MASK = 0,0000,0000,0000,1111,1111,1111,1111                           */
   ECanbLAMRegs.LAM0.all = 0x8000FFFF;  

Question 2:
IDE=1: although set so,but Because LAM0.LAMI=1,The IDE bit of the receive mailbox is overwritten by the IDE bit of the

transmitted message,Is't so?

note B:Configure eCAN for HECC mode(ECanaShadow.CANMC.bit.SCB = 1),Mailboxes0 as Tx.MSGID is set as bellow(transmit_box

needn't LAM):
//IDE=1,Identifier extension; AME=0,don't care for transmit mailboxes; AAM=0,Normal transmit mode;29_bit

   ECanaMboxes.MBOX0.MSGID.all = 0x8000AAAA; 

Question 3:When transceive successfully, two side MSGID are the same: ECanaMboxes.MBOX0.MSGID.all = 0x8000AAAA .Is't so?     

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