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  • hi chris

    c2804x is included which series?

    whwn c28044 device is developed?

    is not from piccolo series?

    what is major difference between piccolo series and 28x floating point series?


    thanks and regards


  • In reply to nikhil n mane:

    F28044 is a member of the Fixed-Point F280x series, specifically developed with the F2809.

    It is not considered a Piccolo device.

    Released in 2007 I believe.

    Piccolo family is smaller pin-count (38-100), smaller flash size (<= 256KB), and offer more on-chip integration with Vreg/Vmon, 2x OSC, and comparators and DACs.  The Piccolo family also includes optional CLA parallel accelerator and the new today F2806x includes a new VCU math accelerator as well as native Floating Point. 


  • In reply to ChrisClearman:

    Thanks you help me.

    I am a board reverse-engineering.There are devise on the board    TMS320F240

    How do I read this device and another device to write flash.



  • Hi Chris,

    Another great tool to program Microcontrollers is by the company Visual Solutions, Their program Vissim makes it very easy to work with and program microcontrollers along with its many diagrams which have various uses involving microcontrollers. Its a fantastic tool to help and make it simple to program microcontrollers.


  • Hi Chris:

     I encountered a problem in programming I2C interface TCA9535 (TI product). I referred TI's I2C interfaced EEPROM program, and make adaptive modifications. But it's does not work sometimes.

    I checked the I2C relevant registers, and found the difference between two situations, see diagram below. There are three differences, I2CSTR, I2CISRC, I2CFFTX. Refer to the AN spru721, I made modifications like below:

    1. disable FIFO first, then enable it. Then I2CFFTX seems good.

    2. the other two registers are all related to STOP signal, so I set STP in I2CMDR in I2C initialization, and delay for a few then operation I2C interface. But there is no impact on the other 2 registers. The problem is still there.

    Could you please help me on this issue, or forward it to the right person. I hope to get reply, my mailbox is

    Thanks in advance.


    Best Regards,

    Huiqi Li

  • In reply to HUIQI LI:


    Can you tell me the values in the I2CSTR, I2CISRC, I2CFFTX, and I2CMDR registers in each case? The screenshots are too small to read. Also, can you tell me the part number of the MCU you're using?

    I will send this to your email address too.


    -Adam Haun

    -Adam Haun
    C2000 Product Applications

  • In reply to Adam Haun:

    Locking this to new questions.  Please post a new thread to the forum.

    Thank you


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