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The Most Powerful C2000 Launchpad: LAUNCHXL-F28377S

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the most powerful and compact C2000 launchpad “LAUNCHXL-F28377S” which is equipped with TMS320F28377S Delfino Controller. Received the kit couple of days back and I’m back with a quick hands-on as usual.

Previous Hands-on LAUNCHXL-F28069M:


Box Contents:


Now comparing with the previous launchpads LAUNCHX-F28069M & LAUNCHXL-F28027/F

  1. FASTEST @ 200 MHz compared to 90MHz (LAUNCHX-F28069M) & 60MHz (LAUNCHXL-F28027/F).
  2. 16-Bit ADC as compared to 12-bit in previous launchpads
  3. Additional peripherals like DACs, EMIF, DMA, McBSP, uPP that were absent in previous ones.
  4. Has CLA, TMU & VCU II accelerators
  5. Finally more memory (RAM & Flash)


First-time connection with PC:

The moment F28377S based launchpad is connected to PC, respective drivers get installed and a Virtual COM Port is assigned. This COM Port value can be verified by navigating to device manager:

In my case, BeagleBone USB Serial Port (COM49)


Running the Out-of-box demo:

This demo demonstrates the ADC sampling phenomenon by comparing the digital values with the mid-scale value (2048) to blink the respective LED (red or blue).

In short, if ADC value is less than 2048 : blue led would glow else if greater, then red led would glow. You can monitor the digital values on terminal application using COM Port.

I used Hyperterminal for monitoring digital values.


1)      ADCIN14 (Pin 23) when left open ie floating or grounded: BLUE LED Turns ON



On Hyperterminal

  1. Floating:


2. Grounded:


 2)      ADCIN14 (Pin 23) when connected to 3.3V ie J1 Pin no.1 :  RED LED Turns ON



On Hyperterminal:


Conclusion and my quick thought on the launchpad:

By launching this kit, C2000 family is now well equipped with launchpads meant for basic to advanced applications covering real-time control applications such as motor control, digital power supplies, solar and renewable energy, LED lighting, smart grid, radar and more…

With LAUNCHXL-F28377S one can feel the power of Delfino mcu group with 5ns CPU cycle time!

Note: Don't forget to update your controlSuite for the board design files and out-of-box source code.


C2000 LAUNCHXL-F28377S Homepage




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Are You A Beginner or New to TI's C2000™ Family? Do Check This Book!

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  • Great work Gautam. Loved the clear articulation of the features.

    Genius = 1% inspiration + 99% perspiration

  • In reply to Rajiv:

    Thanks Rajiv! Great that you found it useful :)



    If a post answers your question, please click on "This resolved my issue" button

    Are You A Beginner or New to TI's C2000™ Family? Do Check This Book!

  • Hi Gautam,

    A quick glance at the TRM of F28377S makes me think that F28377S is a F28075 clocked at 200 MHz with more memory. Then why is it a Delfino? What is the major difference?

    Best Regards,

    Prakash Kumar.

  • In reply to Prakash Kumar Thulasi Kumar:

    actually the inverse:

    The F28075 appears to be a F28377S clocked at 120 MHz, why is it a Piccolo?

    is a better way to frame it.

    The C2000 family is split into

    Delfino - high performance, higher memories, larger pin-outs

    Piccolo - low-mid performance, smaller memories, smaller pin-out

    The F28075 straddles between the two, but for marketing reasons we decided to name it a Piccolo device.

  • In reply to ChrisClearman:

    Agreed. Thanks Chris.

    Best Regards,

    Prakash Kumar.

  • In reply to Blake TI Community:

    Here are my new videos for :

    1. BOOSTXL-BUCKCONV Booster Pack with F28377S Launchpad Simulink Model