TMDSCNCD28379D/TMDSDOCK28379D : controlCARD R1.3 Board Assembly Issue Involving the ADC

Hello E2E community,

TI has recently discovered an issue with revision R1.3 of the F28379D controlCARD.  This issue may affect all TMDSCNCD28379D, all TMDSDOCK28379D, and some TMDXIDDK379D kits built between June 6, 2016 and February 15, 2017.  The issue impacts the ability to evaluate the ADC in the TMS320F28379D MCU.

For affected controlCARDs, R51-R54 were mistakenly populated with 100MΩ resistors instead of 100mΩ resistors. With 100MΩ resistors used, the voltage references for the ADCs may not be held adequately constant and the accuracy/precision of ADC results may be affected during sampling/conversion.

It is recommended that customers replace R51-R54 with 100mΩ, 0603, 5% tolerance (or better) resistors.  For evaluation of the controlCARD in a lab environment, it is also acceptable to short R51-R54 using 0Ω resistors or solder bridges - however populating with 100mΩ is preferred.

Kits built after February 15, 2017 will have a "B" added to the end of the serial number sticker on the controlCARD.  These controlCARDs are unaffected.  See image below for an example of where this "B" is located.  For future builds, the B may be appended to the end of the serial number text on the sticker directly.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  Thank you for evaluating our TMS320F28379D MCU!

Thank you,
Brett Larimore

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