TMS320F28069: Proj_Lab05d resources

Part Number: TMS320F28069


Trying to adapt Lab05d into an application that I have, adding some code into the project.

This raised some intriguing questions in me, maybe someone can help. Maybe my question could be a silly one, but couldn't figure out an answer for myself, thought better addressed on this forum.

The code that I want to add into the project uses 2 DMA channels. I am using L5 DMARAM in conjunction with the DMA channels. From View->Memory Allocatio within CCS, I can see that L5 RAM is free, but not sure about the DMA channels though;  Wondering whether the DMA resources what I am trying to use might be in use with the SpinTAC library ? I was thinking how to understand what resources are available/free when the SpinTAC library is used wrt Lab05d. Are there any other pitfalls in my thought process ?

Any thoughts ?



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  • Please refer to the TMS320F2806xM InstaSPIN-MOTION Technical Reference Manual as below, L8 is reserved for the FAST and SpinTAC library.

    And a DMA example code can be found in controlSUITE, you could refer it to configure the registers for DMC.
  • In reply to Yanming Luo:

    Hi Yanming,

    Thanks for the pointer.

    Were you pointing out that I can do a DMA of the application data in RAM to the RAM location in use by Proj_Lab05d ?
    That would be an interesting thought and idea to improve performance, though that was not my question.
    My thought was that: I do need 2 DMA channels for a LCD application. The though was simple, what if the DMA channels are in use by Lab05, or is it at all ? That was the question lingering in my mind. To understand this situation, hence my original post.