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CCS/TMDXIDDK379D: Fast Current Loop Library Source Code - 2

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Part Number: TMDXIDDK379D

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According to the answer in this thread - there is no source code available for Fast Current Loop Library (FCL) - magic library which makes a calculation of the current loop faster than 2us. This ability is really amazing and it really overtakes FPGA for high-performance servo drive application. But the problem is - FCL is not universal at all. As is it suitable only for an incremental encoder, 6-sw inverter, and onboard ADCs. What if a user has another type of position sensor? SDFM current sensors? 2-phase motor?

FCL in a current instantiation is useless - due to lack of source code it is impossible to adapt this library to the real application. It works as a demo, but no more. It is very strange that TI does not provide sources - it is not a fat 3-d party network stack or operating system. It is just an example of how to use TMDXIDDK379D in a super-efficient way.

Our company now choosing hardware for just yet another servo drive product. We a choosing between Xilinx FPGA and TMDXIDDK379D, but we need other position sensor and SDFM current sensor. As is FCL does not provide this ability, and there is no shared source code of it. So, we are unable to use it, and we have two choices now: recreate FCL by ourselves (with different position sensors and SDFM) or use Xilinx FPGA. And despite the fact that we are happy to choose TI TMDXIDDK379D (the overall hardware solution is 5 times cheaper) we are not sure that we can repeat magic inside FCL as good as TI did. On the other hand, Xilinx FPGA solution is straightforward and accessible - to draw the structure in Simulink and press button "make me happy" (generate FPGA code).

So, the question is - can we expect publishing FCL source codes from TI in the near future or there are no plans for that? I think it is not only my question but lots of engineers are interested in that (like in other threads)

  • Max,

    If the source code is indeed needed, then reach out to your regional TI sales contact or distributor and make a request through them. In fact, this is mentioned in the post you referred to as well. TI customers will be given access to the source code for ownership purposes.

    Right now, the only example we have is on PMSM, using QEP, but it can be ported over. Your observation reg other encoder/ current sensing types is logical, but there are work arounds.

    Will try to loop in our mktg to respond.
  • Max,
    We haven't made a decision on if we will publish FCL source code completely openly in the MotorControl SDK. We are discussing. Likely first step would be allowing source code download for specific customers based on the opportunity. We do this for most of our other libraries already.