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The Torque Output of 300 rpm Motor is Weak and Soft

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Lab 10a Overmodulation

When the motor is 300 rpm, the output of the torque is weak: I can test our product with a torsometer at 300 rpm to make the motor output 50N.cm. Germany has a product like ours. I use a torsometer to test at 300 rpm to make the motor output 50N.cm, but in the process of actual use, the user finds the torque of our product is about 10N.cm small. (Load mutation in user's actual use is larger than that measured by torsometer)

I confirm that PI parameters and motor parameters are adjusted to a reasonable value.TI engineers are invited to give solutions to the weak and soft output of the torque when the motor is 300 rpm. Thank you very much. The German product gives me the feeling that the torque output is very stable and sufficient.

The motor parameters are as follows

Nominal voltage V                  24
No load speed rpm                60800
No load current mA               282 
Nominal speed rpm               57500
Nominal torque (max. continuous torque) mNm           23.6
Nominal current (max. continuous current) A               6.45
Stall torque mNm                  561
Stall current A                      149
Max. efciency %                   91.6
Terminal resistance W         0.161
Terminal inductance mH     0.0171
Torque constant mNm/A     3.76
Speed constant rpm/V        2540
Speed/torque gradient rpm/mNm      109
Mechanical time constant ms            2.04
Rotor inertia gcm                               1.79