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CCS/TMS320F28335: eQEP Speed Calculation in TMS320F28335

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Part Number: TMS320F28335

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We are doing a project on speed control of pmsm using tms320f28335 dsp with ccs v 6.0.0. The ti document "sensored foc of pmsm" is taken as reference. Increment level build 1 and 2 has been successfully completed. Our question is:

The encoder output from the motor is giving a varying speed, so its quite difficult to take it to further calculations. Can you suggest any measures to make the speed constant in open loop running of pmsm? 

  • If the motor speed is not smooth, the estimate of speed will indeed show oscillations.

    If the applied voltage is less, it may oscillate in build level 2. Did you apply enough voltage for the motor?

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    Thank You and we have raised the dc voltage and we attained speed smoothness.

    Sir, what are the specifications given in qep module? There are 4 initializations given under qep section, can you please explain what they are and how they are calculated?

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    I will not be able to giving any more info than what is already given there. So pls spend some time to understand it and test it out. Since the original query is resolved, would like to close this thread. If you have any further queries, pls open a new thread.