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TMS320F28021: Can I use one C2000 to replace M4 MCU + MP6570

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Part Number: TMS320F28021


My customer use M4 MCU + MP6570 + DRV8353 to design a 200W servo. Magnetic encoder, need CAN.

MP6570: https://www.monolithicpower.com/pub/media/document/MP6570_r0.1.pdf

Can I use (one C2000 +DRV8353) to replace (M4 MCU + MP6570 + DRV8353)? Thanks.


  • In this application
    M4 = host control, CAN communications, general purpose
    MP = position/speed/torque FOC + magnetic rotor position sensor
    DRV = gate driver

    You can do the host, CAN, FOC in a C2000 device (though not F28021 which doesn't offer CAN) and use the same gate driver. What is missing is the rotor position sensor. Depending on the motor you will need some other method for rotor position. Linear encoder, absolute encoder, or resolver. Which can interface to a C2000.
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    Hi Chris,

    Many thanks.

    The InstaSPIN-FOC software is available on TMS320F2802xF, TMS320F2805xF, TMS320F2806xF, TMS320F28004XC device families.

    Does TMS320F2803X support FOC?

    If not, to achieve above both CAN and FOC demand, which one is the lowest cost to recommend? Thanks.

  • In reply to Daniel Fang:

    F2805x is lowest cost device with CAN and InstaSPIN-FOC or -MOTION options.

    F28004x is slightly higher priced, but more features.

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