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TMS320F28035: I2c Slave example

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Part Number: TMS320F28035


have you guys been able to provide sample code for 28035 or 28XXX I2c slave example?


  • The only slave example we have currently is for the F2838x (i2c_ex3_external_loopback from C2000Ware, but it's written with a driverlib API, so it may be a bit of a challenge to translate it back to the bit-field struct header files that F28035 uses. Might help to look at it though.

    You can also try searching the forum to see if someone else has shared some slave code.


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    I couldn't find this particular FIle in the folder you have mentioned. Can you recheck? thanks

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    The full path is C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_2_00_00_02\driverlib\f2838x\examples\c28x\i2c


  • In reply to Whitney Dewey:

    Okay, So I have a question. i2c-int1a_isr is not triggering on (AAS =1 (i2CSTR even though I have enabled i2CIER -> AAS bit =1).

    SO am I missing something here?  It Does trigger when I have i2c Write (as a slave ) but does not work during read time.