CCS/TMS320F28377D: SCI communication issue - Unrecognized characters on the hyperterminal

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Part Number: TMS320F28377D

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I am using Delfino F2837x Control Card R1.1 and Docking Station R4.1. I have installed CCS8.3.

I have a trouble in setting up the SCI communication. I could see unrecognized characters on the serial port when i transmit the data in the SCI line. I have tried with SCI A and SCI B.

I see the same issue has been discussed, but no solution has been suggested. Refer the thread below. 

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  • Check your baud rate. 

    1. Put a scope probe on the transmit line.

    2. Find the smallest pulse.

    3. Measure the width of the smallest pulse.

    4. The inverse of the width is your baud rate.  For example, if your smallest pulse is 10.4uS, then you have 9600 baud. ( 1 / 10.4uS = 96154)

    Remember that your actual baud rate must be within 3% of the ideal baud rate.  So if the transmitted signal's measured baud was actually 9900 baud, it will not work with a 9600 baud receiver.

  • In reply to quark:

    Hi Munaf,

    There is actually a resolution on the second page of the thread you linked:

    Are you trying to communicate via the virtual COM port of the FTDI chip, or directly to the serial port of a PC?  If not through the FTDI you will need an RS-232 transceiver since RS-232 doesn't use CMOS logic levels.  

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