off-chip RAM on F28335 ControlCARD

The data manual for the F28335 (sprs439f) shows that with Zone 6 and Zone 7 you could potentially add up to 2MX16 of off-chip RAM. The ControlCARD pinout table labels 9 pins with "EMIF" (External Memory Interface: XD16-21, XD30-31, XREADY). 

Could you provide an example of an external RAM chip that could be used with the ControlCARD and briefly explain what connections are necessary?




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  • Looking at pg. 102 of sprs439f, it looks like all the 39 connections (CS, OE, WE, XA[19:0], and XD[15:0]) between ASRAM chip and MCU are required.    So I guess there's no way to expand the memory-mapped RAM of the controlCARD.  And, as far as I understand, serial SRAM chips would not be memory-mapped, so I would not be able to increase the amount of program code.

    Is it possible to pull chunks of code out of Flash selectively, so not all the program code has to be in RAM at once?  I am using Mathworks tools to generate code and am running very close to the 68KB any pointers on how this would be done using the Mathworks tools would be very useful!



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    Did you get a solution to your problem? I'm in a similar situation as you were.