F28035 Cla1ToCpuMsg RAM Allocation

Hello everybody,

I'm working with a F28035 and I'm having some issues related to memory allocation for CLA-to-CPU Message RAM.

According to the memory map showed in the documentation (SPRS584F), the chip has 80h W RAM available for CLA-to-CPU Messages. However, when I try to allocate more than 40h W the .map file shows a wrong number for the used memory (it shows 80h W).

For example, if I declare 3Fh W the .map shows 3Fh, correct; if I declare 40h W the .map shows 40h, which is correct; but if I declare 41h W it shows 80h, non sense.

Is there any consideration that I'm dismissing? Is it possible to use the 80h W that are showed in the datasheet?

Thank you for the answers.